Carpet Measuring Guide

How to measure for carpets and other types of flooring

Typical Room Layouts

Measure 'A' and 'B'. Making sure you measure into window/bay areas, furthest walls, and doorways.
Look out for walls that are further recessed than others, or may have a slight curve (possible in older houses).

Guide to measuring carpetsHow to measure for carpets

Typical Hall, Stairs, and Landing

For Hall measurents make sure you measure into every door way, and that you have the very longest measurement. Take into consideration any changes to things such as the entrance matting.

Unless joined, the carpet will need to be sized to the measurements 'A' and 'B' to allow complete coverage. Optimising the usage (less waste) is done by also getting additional measurements such as 'C', 'D','E' and 'F'.
Measure into the deepest recess and doorways.


How to measure for a Hall carpet


When measuring a Landing the same rules as a Hall, the only difference is that the 'C' measurement before should be extended to cover the first (top) step of the stairs - as shown in 'A' below


How To Measure Landing Carpet



  • If your previous carpet had dark edges this is usually caused by gaps under the skirting (the dark egdes is dust/dirt captured by the carpet). We would recommend these gaps are filled prior to fitting.
  • Check if the doors will clear the new carpet and underlay. A joiner may be required to cut the doors after fitting.
  • Any gaps or squeaking floor boards should be repaired.
  • We would advise against using joins in loop pile carpets. If unavoidable, place joins in recessed areas that are not used as much as other areas in the room. Stray filaments should be cut using scissors and care taken when cleaning.
  • Avoid chunky loop pile carpets on stairs.

This information is supplied only as a guide, supplying measurements taken by yourself is done at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for if you incorrectly measure any areas.

We offer a professional measuring service at £30.00, which is discounted off your order

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